Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dedication And Passion Has Another New Name
It is really after a long time that we see a Filmy Story. Sunil Jha from a small village of Darbhanga has made his name coined in gold. The man who went to Karnataka bare handed but with him was his passion, dedication and a dream to become a successful actor. In less than 3 years he succeeded to become somebody from nobody.
His acting career started with Kannada serials, since then he never looked back. Later on he did many small and big movie albums in Kannada. He even did many stage shows in Kannada. Khel Takdir Ke (Bhojpuri Movie) proved to be a milestone in his career. His latest two blockbuster Bhojpuri movies have got him in the list of best Multilanguage actors. But somewhere in his heart he always wanted to act in Maithili Movies. He wanted to give something to his own language and art.

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